Sunday, May 29, 2011

Frank's Painting Birthday Cake!

It was brought to my attention that I had not posted this cake on the blog! I made this last March for a good friend of mine who was turning 40. He has an actual painting of himself that I made into cake form. I really liked making this cake and making it look like a painting!

It was a lemon cake with cream cheese frosting.

Happy birthday Frank!

Hello Kitty & Batman Birthday Cakes!

It was Jamison, Natalia, & E'sia's birthday party this past weekend! The girls got a Hello Kitty cake while Jamison got Batman.

Hello Kitty was chocolate cake with a whipped raspberry filing.

Batman was chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.

Portions of proceeds from both cakes will be going towards feeding the children at The Ebongalethu Educare Center in South Africa.

Thank you Tamar for this order!

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