Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lange Foundation Holiday Cupcakes

These are cupcakes I made for the Lange Foundation for the holidays adorned with their logo and holiday nonpareils. The Lange Foundation is a no-kill shelter that saves so many animals and gives them a second chance. I can go on and on about them, but for more information please go to www.LangeFoundation.com.

I adopted Lucciano from them 2 months ago and it has been so awesome! (He's the furry white guy at the park.) There are a variety of dogs there-- they range in size, breed, age, but the thing they have in common is they are good pets and just want a home. Terry (the white dog), Pika (a Chihuahua mix), and Trevor (a lab mix), are just some of the furry friends that are available there. If you are an animal lover who cannot own a pet at the time, please think about volunteering there, you will love it! Below is also a youtube video of Trevor made by a volunteer. Trevor has been at the shelter for a long time, maybe due to his larger size, but we hope to see him go home soon. As you will see in the video, he is just a big lovebug!

Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Cakes

Bachelorette cakes have been my best selling cake surprisingly, although I am not able to show photos on the blog due to its...graphic nature ;)! So if you are thinking of a bachelorette or bachelor party cake, please email me directly for photos and ideas. Contact@SweetCatastropheCakes.com

Samantha's Baby Shower Cake

A onesie baby shower cake with a lion taken from their baby blog! It is light yellow with light green trim and sewn on buttons. Congrats to Samantha who is about to pop any day now!

Myle's Basketball Birthday Bash

A 3-D basketball cake with matching cupcakes for Myle's 2nd birthday! He's an NBA star in the making-- watch out Kobe!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Safari Cake

A South African Safari inspired cake for a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party. The almost newly-weds are going to South Africa for their honeymoon, so their cake includes safari animals as well as some brush for them to hide out in and a dirt trail.

Emma's Crab Birthday Cake

A crab cake for Emma in honor of her sign, Cancer. This was a pretty big crab with big claws, edible seashells, and sand.

Jessica's Black and White Cake

Inspired by her black and white party theme, Jessica's birthday cake is also B&W with an Asian theme. Cut outs of cherry blossoms and fans adorn the cake. The top was left empty to put tall silver candles into for some wish making!

Happy Birthday Kat

A birthday cake for Kat inspired by her work with Pigs For Kids.
Pigs for Kids is an economic and educational program to aid and empower families in rural Waslala, Nicaragua. This project gives the families in Waslala the resources to raise healthy pigs and send their children to school. Her cake is adorned with herself in a hammock with piggys, as well as photos from her recent trip to Nicaragua. For more information on Pigs for Kids and how you can help, visit: www.PigsforKids.org

Welcome to CA Sue & Steve!

Matt's parents were both in town for a visit and I wanted to make them a welcome cake! It is beach inspired, with seagulls, sand, sun, a crab, and starfish!

Bon Voyage Mr. & Mrs. Brown!

A Bon Voyage cake for the Browns from Australia! They went to several different places while in the US which are featured on the cakes: Montana, Arizona, Hollywood, San Francisco, Vegas, Mexico, and wine country.

Caleb's Onesie Cake

This was a baby shower cake for little Caleb! It's a blue onesie with white trim and snaps.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Angel Sr.! The top of this cake is adorned with things he likes: the History channel, reading, bright colors, and his family surrounds the base of the cake with him in the center.

Stars and Hearts Cupcakes

Stars and hearts cupcakes made for a baby shower celebration.

Bratz Cake

This Bratz themed birthday cake was created for Leiya, who is in the center of this cake, with a Bratz style make-over, big lips and all!